Auf dem haben wir ein neues Plugin für das Plugin Directory eingereicht:

„Embed Privacy“ lädt eingebettete Inhalte erst nach Opt-in eurer BesucherInnen und läuft mit dem Classic-Editor und ❤️

Perfekt für und

Wondering what the consequences of "Do Not Track" are for GDPR. Because it seems to be ignored by most sites.

New people of Mastodon:

Welcome! I'm happy you are here! Here are some tips for accessibility

You can add a description to an image you post by clicking on the image before you hit TOOT! Type in a brief description. It helps people who use screen readers to know what the image is.

When using a hashtag:

Not good: #hereismyhashtag

Good: #HereIsMyHashtag

Screen readers garble the first one, but can read the second one because of the capitalization.


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