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Just released version 0.1.0 of the #ActivityPub for #WordPress plugin:


* added basic WebFinger support
* added basic NodeInfo support
* fully functional “follow” activity
* send new posts to your followers
* receive comments from your followers

:pixelfed: Update: We have successfully tested federation (following, likes, shares and replies).

Our goal is to deploy this to a few instances this week and work out any bugs before the v1.0 release. #pixelfed #federation


The thing is, all of us have used federated networks all our lives.

Telephones are federated, email is federated, the postal service is federated, telegrams and telegraphs (when they existed) were federated. People understood them and still do, as long as they've been exposed to such things.

Everyone knows you can phone anyone even if they're on a different phone company.

The Firefox Accessibility Inspector now shows WCAG contrast info on page inspection, including a range of values for gradient backgrounds
#UX #Accessibility #Devtools


The Firefox Accessibility Inspector now shows WCAG contrast info on page inspection, including a range of values for gradient backgrounds. Great dev/UX work by,, and!


Hello Fediverse,

Today we have been testing federation support between mastodon/pleroma and pixelfed with great results.

We will post an update tomorrow with more info! :pixelfed: #pixelfed #fediverse

Want to use the secure messenger to provide two-factor authentication on your Nextcloud server? Here's a tutorial on how to make that happen!

Interessant. Eine Übersicht über alle Projekte, die Google in den vergangenen Jahren zu Grabe getragen hat. ☠️

Überraschung 🎉

Es regnet immer noch ... so langsam gewöhnen wir uns aber daran. Meist hört es auch gegen Mittag auf und so können wir trotzdem noch ein wenig unterwegs sein 😊 #KohPhangan #dZeB

"Der Einsatz von #OpenSource Software fördert die #Wirtschaft, steigert die #Qualität in der #Bildung, vermindert die #Abhängigkeit von konventionellen Software-Häusern und senkt langfristig die Kosten. Die #Politik muss da etwas anstossen." Der Schweizer Kanton Uri macht sich mit #FreieSoftware auf den Weg zu einer modernen und nachhaltigen IT.

I get a bit sad seeing people posting on Twitter and letting their accounts here die out :(

What can we do to make the Fediverse more attractive? (Yes, I realise that asking here is ironic and doesn't reach the target group).

Hallo, ihr hattet da ein paar echt üble Rechtschreibfehler in eurer Schlagzeile. War die Lektorin schon im Wochenende? Na ja, ich habe das jedenfalls für euch behoben!

bottom line: Don't trust the shiny advertising brochure which tells you about end-to-end encryption, security and privacy if you only get a black box at the end. Only #FreeSoftware, #OpenStandards, #federation and the ability to self host will be able to secure your privacy.

'Confirmed VPN' iOS/macOS update makes it the first open service with third-party audits, open source code, more by @michaelpotuck

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