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Google Fonts is the the fifth most common tracker according to whotracks.me report

Without JavaScript, Google will still be able to collect user's IP and the type of device/browser

If you want to build a website w/o any tracker, self-host the webfonts

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Schüler, die so schlau sind, um fürs Klima zu kämpfen sind doch nicht gleichzeitig so dumm ihre Bildung sausen zu lassen. Richtiger Kommentar der SZ zu .

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Die Bundesregierung sollte ihre Hausaufgaben beim machen, bevor sie die engagierten Schülerinnen und Schüler kritisiert! Diese jungen Menschen betrifft das klimapolitische Versagen der ganz persönlich. Der ist richtig!

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“a11y” is short for “accessibility”.

That is all. This is my tweet.

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Here's a quick video on how to set up CoBlocks' Media Card block for a really nice image or video with on offset text card next to it 👀

This is the kind of stuff that's amazing with Gutenberg 😍

CoBlocks is free ➡️ wordpress.org/plugins/coblocks

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"It's easy to forget 'users' are actually real people. You know, this empathy thing, it's not touchy feelings shit. This is big business. [...] Google Analytics tells you what people do on your website; it doesn't show you what people *want* to do."

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I was playing around with some text animations and thought I could use them to show a file's history on @github@twitter.com:

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Keep in mind that some people (people like me) surf full screen on large screens. Text is much harder to read if there are no constraints for line lengths.

All it takes is:

p {
max-width: 85ch;

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This is a great reason to use native commenting in WorsPress or a plug-in like @GoPostmatic@twitter.com (client) that supports native commenting.

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Wanna see what we’ve been working on this week at @coblocks@twitter.com?

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Monday afternoon we’ll be releasing our newest block, along with hundreds of improvements, tweaks and enhancements.

CoBlocks 1.8 is a beast! 💪

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Blogs sind nicht tot. Aber sie haben ein Problem. michaelfirnkes.de/blogs-tot/ mit @bloggerabc@twitter.com @robvegas@twitter.com @gastrobenni@twitter.com @kaffeeringe@twitter.com @embis_gmbh@twitter.com @Leopom@twitter.com

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Slack threw away one of the best and most recognizable icons on iOS for this bland new nothingness that you can barely find amongst the others.

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